How Does It Work?

There are two ways to work with Pixelpaint, depending on how ready you are.

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The Triple Team

Promises. Commitments. Guarantees.  Call 'em what you want.  We've got 3 and they're rock solid:

Print Concierge

From the moment you order, you'll have a dedicated person that pre-checks your order, produces and dispatches your print.

By reducing double handling our staff get to know your order and make sure it comes out looking it's best.

ColourSure Commitment™

Colour accuracy is super important, so we calibrate our machines regularly and use top of the range printers.

Buuuut, colour isn't a one way street - you have to do your part too.

Namely, calibrate the screen that you're making the judgement about colour from.

If you: Carry out the basic and serious calibration in this article

We will: Guarantee the colour accuracy.

If it's still not right, we will reprint for free or refund your money.

Lifetime Love Guarantee™

We stand by our product quality and guarantee that you'll love it for life.

As long as it's not in direct sunlight and has been reasonably well looked after, we will replace if there is any fading, cracking or warping over time. Just send it back so we can see what happened.