Edit Pictures Like A Pro

Edit Pictures Like A Pro

Edit pictures like a pro with these simple techniques. Here's how to turn your images into wall­-worthy art!

So you’ve been through the process of searching through and selecting your own photos to print, and now you’re looking at those images thinking they’re just not quite right...

If you’re not totally in love with the way your photo looks, don’t rush into printing it. A canvas isn’t just for Christmas ­ it should be a part of your home for years to come, so you want to get it right first time!

Here are some of our top tips to edit pictures and enhance your images so that you fall head-­over-heels in love with them:

(Psst...you don’t have to own Photoshop to make your pics look snazzy ­ try a free online editing tool like Pixlr that has all the features you’ll need and more! We’ll be using it for the tutorials below...)

Edit pictures with Exposure, brightness and contrast

Edit pictures: Before and after using exposure, brightness and contrast adjustment

Exposure, Brightness & Contrast

Is your photo a little too dark, or just...a bit dull? Tweaking the exposure (using ‘Curves’)as well as the Brightness and Contrast can help give your image a boost!

Edit pictures through adjustment using curves

Edit pictures: Tweaking the exposure using ‘Curves’

Simply open up your photo and go to Adjustments > Curves (in the top menu bar), and move the points at the bottom and middle of the curve slightly upwards, and the top point slightly to the left, until you’re happy that it’s lightened the image, without ‘whiting out’ parts of the photo too much. If at this point it looks a little washed out, don’t worry,the next step will sort that out...

Edit pictures through Brightness & Contrast adjustment

Edit pictures: Brightness & Contrast adjustment

Head to Adjustments > Brightness & Contrast, and slide these bars up or down depending on what your image needs. In the above image, I have reduced the Brightness slightly so that the clouds aren’t overexposed, and increased the Contrast to make everything look crisp and clear!

Edit pictures with colour balance

Edit pictures: Before and after using Colour Balance

Colour Balance

Sometimes in strange light, or if you’re taking a photo indoors, the colours can go kinda strange in your photos... you know what I’m talking about; that weird blue hue or orange wash ­ not cool!

Edit pictures by color balance adjustment

Edit pictures: Enhancing photo by Colour Balance adjustment

To fix this, go to Adjustments > Color Balance, and tweak the red, green and blue offset bars to warm up or cool down your image.

Edit pictures through Saturation and vibrance adjustment

Edit pictures: Before and after using Saturation and Vibrance adjustment

Saturation & Vibrance

Another fix for if your image is looking a little dull is to tweak the Saturation and Vibrance of your photo. These settings enhance the colours and make your image ‘pop’­ great for if you want your canvas to be a colourful focus piece in your home!

Edit pictures with saturation and hue adjustment

Edit pictures: Enhancing photo by Hue & Saturation adjustment

Go to Adjustments > Hue & Saturation, and move the Saturation bar to the right. The Hue changes the colours in the image (ie, changes a blue sky to bright pink!), so you probably don’t want to use that, but try it out anyway if you like!

If it’s still lacking that extra oomph, try tweaking the Color Vibrance under Adjustments as well.

Edit pictures by using Blemish tool

Edit pictures: Before and after using the Blemish Tool aka Spot Healing Tool

Dust & Blemishes

Now I probably wasn’t planning to hang this photo of Easter eggs on my wall, but hey, it makes a good demonstration...

In the top left corner you’ll see a few chocolate crumbs from previously devoured chocolate eggs, which are kinda ruining the clean white background. Luckily, getting rid is easy!

Edit pictures by removing dust and blemishes in photo using Blemish tool aka Spot Healing Tool

Edit pictures: Removing dust and blemishes in photo using Blemish Tool aka Spot Healing Tool

Head to your sidebar of tools on the left, and click on the icon that looks like a plaster (next to that demonic red eyeball...); this is your Blemish tool (aka Spot Healing Tool in Photoshop). You can increase the area size of this tool in the top left corner.

Then all you have to do is click on your annoying specks of dust, pimples, bugs, or chocolate and they’ll disappear ­ yay!

Putting these edits all together will result in beautiful, bright and blemish-­free photos for you to print with your fave printing company 😉

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