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Life Hacks with Pixelpaint

Life Hacks with The Pixelpaint Crew

Every so often, we humans have a moment of genius.

For example, the moment someone figured out rubbing the unsightly chip in your wooden coffee table with a walnut hides that little sucker like magic.

What were they doing rubbing their nuts on the coffee table? Who cares!

We call these moments of divine discovery ‘life hacks’ and we wanted to share some of our favourites with you below…

We hope they change your life forever!

Emma says: “When my fresh herbs wilt and die ahead of schedule it makes me want to punch someone. Luckily for my friends and family I discovered they’ll (almost) live forever if I chop ’em up, distribute them into ice cube trays, and covering them with olive oil. They freeze beautifully, are ideal for cooking with, and all the prep is done!

Emma at Pixelpaint

Ant says: “You spend all summer wearing in your jandals, only to have the strap pop out while you’re chasing away a suspicious looking dog. This was my recurring nightmare until I discovered I could turn back time with a plastic bread bag tag. If the strap pops out of the sole, put it back in and secure it on the bottom with a bread bag tag. Works a treat.”

Ant at Pixelpaint

Rich says:  “You know that horrible moment when you’re drinking your pump bottle on the loser cruiser and a wee bit goes down the wrong tube?  You try to stop coughing, but you can’t, right?  My Mum always used to shout at me, ‘put your hands above your head’. I swear it works! All you need to decide is whether you look like less of a tit coughing or holding your hands above your head on the bus.”

Rich at Pixelpaint

Kyle says: “One of the most emotionally scarring experiences for a young man is the day the pulley thing on his zipper breaks, leaving his manhood exposed to his fellow bros. If this happens to you, grab your keying, remove the keys and attach the ring to your pulley-less zipper. Just make sure you tuck your junk away first”

Kyle at Pixelpaint

Nayte says: “If you like the sound of a refreshing twist for your next beverage, or you just want to impress a hot date,add frozen berries to it instead of ice cubes. You won’t be sorry. This is how I pull all of the ladies, it’s a sure thing.”

Nayte at Pixelpaint


Got your own life hack to add? Leave us a comment!