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How To Find Photos To Print When You’re Out of Ideas

How To Find Photos To Print When You’re Out of Ideas

Where and how to find photos to print so you can create artwork for your home.

If you’ve been through your own stash and still can’t find photos to print that you'd call "the one" don’t be disheartened! There are plenty of places where you can find professional, quality photography and artwork that’ll look awesome in your home.

Free (CC0) Stock Photography Websites

Did you know that there’s a whole world of totally free images that don’t require payment, or even any attribution? Well now ya do! Here are some of our favourite photos to print:

Find Photos To Print on

Eiffel Tower on

Find Photos To Print on Pixabay

JellyFish on Pixabay

Paid Stock Photography Websites

The only downside with the free sites above is the fact that the images are kind of… popular.

Web-savvy or photography-wise folks may catch you out when they see a well-recognised free stock photo on your wall, but then again, so what? If you love it, it shouldn’t matter.

But if you do want images that are more exclusive, here are some premium stock photo sites you can look through:

Find Photos To Print on iStock Photo

Hummingbird by iStock Photo

Find Photos To Print on iStock Photo

Bait Ball - Palau, Micronesia - iStock Photo

Pre-Designed Images

If straight up photography isn’t your thing, street art, digital graphics and photo-manipulations may be the type of decor you’re looking for.

For fun, wacky, and thought-provoking art and imagery, our pre-made canvas store on TradeMe has plenty of options!

Custom Designed Images

Okay, you’re fussy, I get it - and rightly so!

You want something totally unique and meaningful to you, and only you.

Well my friend, a custom design is what you’re looking for! There are a few options you could look into:

  • Fiverr - For (yes, you guessed it), a fiver, you can commission someone to create a unique piece of artwork for you! Just make sure you’re clear about what you want and provide them with plenty of inspiration to get good results... 
  • Canva or Picmonkey: Why not try and Do It Yourself using a free online design tool to create the image you want? With these websites you can easily add text to images, add design elements and create collages!
  • A Pixelpaint Custom Design (email us): We have some fantastic in-house designers who can help bring your inspiration to life. We charge $65 per hour for custom work, so feel free to get in touch.

Find Photos To Print That You Love?

Choose An Image To Print In 15 Minutes

Choose An Image In 15 Minutes

Having the time to choose an image to print is one of the biggest challenges that comes up time and time again.

You've got to admit though, there's something particularly artsy and cool about decorating your home with things that you’ve created yourself. 

Photography is a great example of that; whether it’s personal memories or something you think would look perfect on your living room wall, you’ll get a sense of pride each time you see it.

So, push aside the cat, turn off your phone and let's get this image chosen once and for all.

Step 1: Do your images have what it takes?

For starters, the quality has to be half decent to survive being blown up for print without pixelating too much.

We usually suggest that to choose an image anything smaller than 1MB probably isn't sensible.  We want it to look great just as much as you do! NB: some images will work for smaller canvas sizes and if you really want it, that's okay.

Rather than go through all your 1000s of photos and check each one’s size individually, you can filter out all the low res ones in your folders instead!

Here’s how:


Open your folder with your photos inside, and go to View > Group by > Size.

Windows: Choose an image

Choose an image by separating the wheat from the chaff

Then you should have them all in order of size, as below:

How to choose an image

Images should be ordered according to file size


Open your folder with your photos inside, and go to the little cog -> select "Size."

Apple - choose an image

Apple - sorting by size

Then you should have them all in order of size, as below:

Apple - And voila! You're sorted by size

Apple - And voila! You're sorted by size

Select all your Large (you may also have ‘Extra Large’, so grab them too!) by clicking on the group title.

Copy and paste these into a new folder!

Now that you’ve weeded out the ones where the file size is too low, it’s time to look at their dimensions.

To do this, do the same process as above but instead of ‘size’, filter by ‘dimension’.

You’ll probably have something that looks like this:

Choose a large image

Large Images!

As you can see, even though my computer has categorised all these photos as large, they differ in terms of actual width and height.

We’d recommend selecting photos that are over 2000px by 1330px - anything smaller may lose quality when re-sized!

So go ahead and grab those files that are larger than 2000px by 1330px and drop them in a new folder, and voila - you have a folder of potential winners for your canvas artwork!

Step 2: What makes a great canvas photo?

Your filtered down collection of photos may still be kind of overwhelming, and you’ll probably want to cut your shortlist down some more to make your life easy.

Be harsh, and get rid of:

  • Fuzzy phone photos of your dog
  • Cheesy family portraits where everyone looks like they hate life
  • Photos of baked goods or restaurant food (why would you want this on your wall?)
  • Dark/night-time photos where you can’t actually see much at all…
  • Photos with so many colours you feel like you’re tripping

Remember to keep:

  • Quality landscape photos of your favourite places
  • Fun action shots with your friends & family
  • Artsy close-up and macro shots of interesting things
  • Unique perspectives on everyday things that make you smile
  • Bright and crisp pet photography

Hopefully that’ll give you some ideas on what to scrap and what to save!

Step 3: The final cut-down

If you’re still stuck with hundreds to sift through, have a good think about exactly where the canvas is going to go, and how it will fit in with the room.

I’m talking sizes (A0, A1 etc?), colour schemes, portrait vs. landscape, bold and fun vs. delicate and peaceful.

And hey, remember those other humans you live with? Dont forget to ask them too (unless it’s a gift, obvs)!

Step 4: Now you're ready!

Depending on your appetite for image editing you might want to make some final touches (e.g. Photoshop etc).

BUT, seeing as we're trying to get this done in 15 minutes, we're going to press ahead with getting the blimmin' thing done.

If you're going to print with Pixelpaint, click below and let's do this thing!


Sexy Staircase Ideas

Stop stairing at me!

Seriously. It’s embarrassing… a bit like that lame pun.

Not all of us have a significant set of stairs in our lives. For those of you that do, it’s time to step up and check out our top 5 stairway transformation ideas.

With a bit of that famous Kiwi ingenuity and a spare couple of hours, you can transform that boring old stairway into a stairway to heaven.

Gallery wall on a staircase!

Create a gallery wall
Hanging art on the wall of your stairway is like being a snooker player – it’s all about the angles.

Check out this simple guide and turn your stairway into the gallery of your dreams. No art to hang? You know where to get some canvas!

Chevron pattern staircase

Stencil them
Fire up your creative engine, bust out your paint brush and sharpen your craft knife because things are about to get ker-azy.

You’ll be cutting shapes like you’re at a 90’s rave now that your armed with this cool tutorial.

Slide down the staircase!

Slide down them. 
Ever feel like throwing yourself down the stairs? Now you can!

If anyone asks, you can pretend it’s for the kids. We won’t tell.

Slide the night away in the privacy of your own home.

Chalkboard staircase

Write on them
Trick the members of your household into doing all of your chores with some subliminal stairway messaging.

Alternatively you could write something inspirational or whatever takes your fancy – poke your peepers into these ideas.

Wallpapered staircase

Wallpaper them
Wrap ’em up like a present and every time you climb the stairs you’ll feel gifted.

It’s cheap, looks cool, and it’s not as hard as you think. Plus the wallpaper options available these days areendless and amazing. Scope the tutorial here.


Are you a ‘blank stair’ or a super staircase kinda person?