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The Blue Planet Documentary

Mentally Nutritious Documentaries

Brain chow. Nom nom nom.

Dreadful sequels, ghastly remakes and god-awful comedies are enough to make anyone lose the will to live.

Here’s a better idea.

Why not watch something mentally nutritious? That way you’ll feel better about sitting on your arse eating a bowl of bacon caramel popcorn. The two will totally cancel each other out, right?

We’re avid documentary geeks at Pixelpaint and sometimes even watch them in the office as a little treat.Check out our favourites below and get that big wheel turning.

Zeitgeist Documentary
Rich’s Pick
What’s it about? Religion, 9/11, media, money, politics and control.
Why I like it: It explains how manipulating forces control our lives.
Who should watch it? Anyone who read about Prism or wants to wake up.

The Blue Planet Documentary
What’s it about? A journey beneath the world’s oceans showcasing an array of previously undiscovered sea life.
Why I like it: Ridiculous creatures, beautiful colours and bonkers camera work.
Who should watch it? The world!
Jiro Dreams of Sushi Documentary
What’s it about? An inside look at the life of 85 year old sushi master Jiro Ono and the traditions which have shaped his success.
Why I like it: It’s as much about family and tradition as it is about food.
Who should watch it? Food and culture junkies.
It might get loud documentary
What’s it about? Rockstar legends come together to talk about the motives and passions behind their individual music styles.
Why I like it: I’m in awe of how ridiculously talented some people are.
Who should watch it? Anyone who appreciates true talent.
Brooklyn Castle
What’s it about? The difficulties faced by a financially challenged junior high chess club from the ghetto.
Why I like it: It’s inspiring, motivating and deep.
Who should watch it? Anyone who roots for the underdog.

What’s your favourite documentary and why?

Epic Infographics You’ll Love

Visual pleasure for your intellectual leisure.

Ever fallen asleep during a lecture?

“Please read aloud tons of boring facts, I would love to memorise them”

…said nobody, ever.

We’re visual people too and obsessed with infographics. What’s not to love about a visual orgasm of interesting, relevant information all in one place?!

They also look great printed on our panormaic canvas sizes for the office or bedroom. We’ve picked out our top 5 favourites for you to enjoy below.


Adding value to your home - Infographic

Considering adding a spinning bed love dungeon feature to your home? Hold that hammer! Before you go busting down walls make sure it’s worth it in the long run. Check this essential infographic for home owners here.

Espresso Guide - Infographic

Coffee, AKA proof that someone up there wants us to be happy, has many different faces. What the heck is a Cafe Con Leche? Brush up on your coffee knowledge and check out the full infographic here. This would also canvas up nicely in your kitchen – just sayin’.

Colour Psychology - Infographic

It’s been known since ancient times that colours effect our moods, emotions and behaviour. So before you consider slapping a fresh coat of paint up in the bedroom, check out the psychology of colour infographic here. Just in case you choose the wrong shade and end up with two single beds instead of a double….

Food pairing - Infographic

Much like famous celebrities, food and wine are often seen together but seldom are they well matched. Don’t serve Spencer and Heidi at your next dinner party, Brad and Ange your way to perfectly matched food and wine combos with this awesome food and wine infographic.

Curious Planet - Infographic

It’s a big wide world out there, and if you haven’t been trotting around the globe recently chance are those feet are getting itchy. Check out this interesting travel inforgraphic here before you plan your next overseas getaway.

Book club!

Pixelpaint Book Club: Our Page-Turners

Books protect us from awkward strangers on the bus.

They make us look smarter and enrich our minds without having to leave the couch or put on pants.

Finding a good book to settle down with can be tricky.  Especially if you’re distracted by ahot librarian, catchy title or sparkly dust jacket. Let us do the groundwork for you.

Check out our top five book recommendations below:

Tim Ferriss - 4 Hour Work Week book

Rich’s Pick
What’s it about? A book about living more and working less. Sound good?!

Why I like it: Inspirational and practical. It helped me think about efficient systems and ways to do more with less.

Who should read it: Anyone looking to start a business or something on the side.

Brave new world book

Ant’s Pick
What’s it about? Set in a society devoted to pleasure and consumerism. It raises questions about humanity.

Why I like it: Written in the 1930s, the novel is still funny, chilling and relevant.

Who should read it: Those who question authority and our society.

Let's pretend this never happened book

Emma’s Pick
What’s it about? This memoir delves into a painful and embarrassing past. Sounds grim but is actually hilarious.

Why I like it: It’s witty, slightly disturbing, and it made me cry-laugh.

Who should read it: Anyone who wants awkward, weird and funny.

False Accusations book

Kyle’s Pick
What’s it about? A respected doctor is charged with homicide. There’s blackmail, drama, and a tasty plot twist.

Why I like it: Intensity, big characters, meaty story line. Justice can be served!Who should read it: Anyone who loves a gripping thriller that makes you think.

Scar Tissue
Nayte’s Pick
What’s it about? This memoir is all about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.Why I like it: Never a dull moment, this book will have you turning pages.Who should read it? Anyone intrigued by the hedonistic lifestyle of a touring musician.

What’s on your ‘to-read’ list?
Rainy day

Our Top 5 Rainy Day Activities

It’s raining, it’s pouring the old man is snoring.

Although we haven’t bumped our heads, we’ve certainly struggled to get up in the morning.

As much as we love to stay snuggled up all weekend watching Game of Thrones and eating chocolate, eventually boredom sets in.

Want to be super productive or need a way to pull your kids down off the walls?

Get stuck into one or all of our top 5 rainy day activities! Guaranteed to kill boredom and make your life approximately 10.8% better than it was before.

Mmm...cookies! (A delicious rainy day activity!)

1. Bake cookies.
Impress everyone you know with these Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies which we whipped up this week.

They’re easy and turn out looking as amazing as they do in the picture.

We got this recipe from Becky Bakes.

Paper Lantern creativity on a rainy day!

2. Make your own paper lanterns.
Turn every day into a fiesta with these bad boys!

You can make these lanterns in any colour you like and add endless variations to the template to suit your personal style.

Catch the tutorial from Oh Happy Days.

Woodland Terrarium DIY for a rainy day

3. Make a terrarium.
Bring the outside in and feel like a chic version of Captain Planet. They look incredibly cool as the centrepiece on any table.  All you need to get started are a few of those old preserve jars that are hiding in the back of your pantry.

Find a detailed how-to guide on Martha Stewart’s website.

DIY lamp design for a rainy day

4. Make your own lamp.  
I love lamp! This looks and sounds like it will be hard but it’s stupidly easy.

It involves using an old toilet roll, something we all have lying around. Plus it looks really bling bling, far more impressive than your standard table lamp.

We got this idea from Design On Form.


What’s your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?