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The Team’s Top Favourite Recipes!

If you are what you eat…

We’d be a pizza! You?

Let’s face it. You’re busy.

Sometimes the hassle of trying a new recipe that might come out tasting like poop is enough to send you straight to KFC, aint nobody got time for that.

We’re a pack of foodies here at Pixelpaint and you can often find us getting our Martha Stewart on, trading recipes and trying to avoid prison.

We’ve got you covered with these favourite tried and tested ‘go to’ recipes from our team. Check them out below for some fast, delicious, easy eats.

Rich’s Recipe:

Grilled fillet steak recipe

Grilled fillet steak with creamy leeks and butter beans.

Why I like it: Simple ingredients, low hassle factor and tastes awesome.
Perfect for: When you fancy a decent meal but don’t want to think too hard about it.  You can smash this out in 20 mins.


Ant’s Recipe:

Grilled eggplant recipe

Grilled eggplant and goats cheese stack

Why I like it: Easy to make, sounds exotic, looks fancy and still tastes good the next day.
Perfect for: Impressing a hot date! Three years later, the missus is still asking me to make these.


Emma’s Recipe:

Apricot quesadillas recipe

Apricot salsa quesadillas

Why I like it: Super versatile, lightening fast, use any filling you want. Just don’t skip the cheese. The cheese is essential.
Perfect for: Feeding the gang at short notice. Serve with an ice cold Corona.


Kyles Recipe:

Homemade hashbrowns recipe

Crispy home made hashbrowns.

Why I like it: Easy to make, cheap as chips and delicious.
Perfect for: Satisfying that greasy salty carb craving on a Sunday morning after a big night out. Add bacon and eggs if you dare.


Naytes Recipe:

Blueberry galette recipe

Blueberry Galette.

Why I Like it: All the benefits of a pie with half the work, made with ingredients most of us have in the pantry.
Perfect for: An easy dessert for a cold winters night and the leftovers make a tasty breakfast. Serve with a scoop of ice cream.


What’s your favourite recipe?