Canvas Gallery Wall – A How To Guide

Canvas Gallery Wall – A How To Guide

Creating a canvas gallery wall can be tricky but there are tips for artwork choices, sizes, shapes and layout!

You’ve seen canvas gallery wall take over Pinterest, and now you want one for yourself. No, I’m not talking about a super epic cinema room (although that would be cool!) ­ I’m talking about the infamous ‘gallery wall’.

We love them, and think they totally lend themselves to a fun selection of canvas prints too. Here are some of our top tips for creating one for your home:

1. Pick a colour scheme and general theme

Of course, this is the same when choosing any art for your home, but it’s even more important when you’re finding lots of different pieces for the same space.

Yes, gallery walls should look random and whimsical, but in order to get ‘that look’ you actually need to put some effort into it. Kind of like hair. You want that laid back surfer/bed-­head look but you gotta spend money on highlights and an hour backcombing and putting product in each morning to look that natural, right?

Check out our guide to theming a room, or take our style quiz  to get some colour and style inspiration!

2. Choose an ‘anchor’ or ‘focus’ piece

Use your largest (and more important/meaningful) piece of art as a starting point for your layout. And no, that doesn’t mean it has to go right in the middle... check out how each of these gallery walls use one big piece to create a central point:

Example of a travel-themed canvas gallery wall

Example of a travel-themed gallery wall from LiveLaughRowe

3. Mix up shapes, sizes & styles

The best gallery walls (in my opinion) are those that use a range of different imagery,rather than just photos of a similar type. Using a mixture of photography, illustration,block colours, patterns, and abstract art can create a feature that really interests your guests.

When you’re searching through images to use, consider what size and shape to print them in. We offer *a range of shapes and sizes* for our custom prints, from A4 to A0,panoramic to square!

Mixture of styles, sizes and shapes in a canvas gallery wall

Mixture of styles, sizes and shapes in a canvas gallery wall image from LTLPhotography

4. Plan your layout first

Drawing out your gallery wall plan first can help you decide how many prints to use, and also what shapes and sizes to get. Once you’ve sketched it out, another helpful tip is to create some to­ scale paper cutouts of each print and arrange them (using masking tape) on the wall so you can imagine how it will really look!

How to draw out your canvas gallery wall plan

How to draw out your canvas gallery wall plan image from MomtasticLife

5. Forget about symmetry

Symmetrical gallery walls simply aren’t as fun and interesting to look at. Quirky layouts are best, not only for looks, but also practicality.If you’ve left the edges rough and not squared off/symmetrical, you always have the option to add to your gallery wall should you want to!

Quirky layout in a canvas gallery wall

Example of a quirky layout in a canvas gallery wall from DesertDomicile

6. Keep your gaps consistent

While random layouts are fun, there’s one thing that should be orderly and consistent,and that’s the gaps between your prints. To keep the whole feature pleasing to the eye,this is kind of important.Usually a gap of between 2 and 4 inches will be fine ­ any bigger and your prints may not look like they are all part of the same feature, any smaller and it may look cramped.

Example of a canvas gallery wall with consistent gaps

Example of a canvas gallery wall with consistent gaps from MebleWnetrza

7. Treat your gallery wall as one piece of artwork

As I said, you don’t have the keep things central or symmetrical within your gallery wall by any means, but you probably want it to be central in the space you’ve chosen, and you definitely want it to be at the right height.Check out our guide on *how to hang your artwork* and remember to measure your gallery wall as a whole as though you were treating it as one piece.

Extra Ideas:

  • Use mixed media
    I love seeing gallery walls that have taken that extra creative step by including a range of items and objects. Here are some ideas:
Use of mixed media in decorating your canvas gallery wall

Use of mixed media in decorating your canvas gallery wall  from DrivenByDecor

  • Use a template
    Get someone else to do that hard work for you and download a pre­-made layout template for your gallery wall! There’s a lazy way to do everything in life.:

Ready to get some art for your gallery?

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