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Architectural Photography – 5 Quick Tips

Architectural Photography – 5 Quick TipsEnjoy taking photos of buildings? Or it’s official name “architectural photography”?If, like Jason Mann, you can’t walk down the street without noticing the intricacies of every structure – then these 5 quick architectural photography tips are just for you.1: ContextAll architecture is built for a purpose which often reflects ideas of […]

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Landscape Photography – A Professional’s Process

Landscape Photography – A Professional’s ProcessLandscape photography is one of the top things people print with Pixelpaint. Some of the most stunning ones we get are shot by professional photographer, Adrian Hodge.  So we thought it would be interesting to get an insight into his landscape photography process.  In this article, you’ll learn how to plan, execute […]

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Panoramic Photos – How To Shoot & Process

Panoramic Photos – How To Shoot & Process Printed panoramic photos looks a little out the ordinary and can really set off a room.  Beyond the simple world of automatic mobile phone panoramics, Werner Kaffl has perfected the art of the high resolution, high detail. stunning panoramic shot. In this article he tells us how to replicate […]

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