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Theming A Room – Ways to Create a Cohesive One

Theming A Room – Ways to Create a Cohesive OnePutting together a colour palette and style! Here are different and creative ways to theming a room.Theming a room with the help of interior design; you either love it or you hate it. Some people get excited about a blank room with limitless possibilities, and others […]

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Edit Pictures Like A Pro

Edit Pictures Like A ProEdit pictures like a pro with these simple techniques. Here’s how to turn your images into wall­-worthy art!So you’ve been through the process of searching through and selecting your own photos to print, and now you’re looking at those images thinking they’re just not quite right… If you’re not totally in love […]

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Layman’s Guide to Resolution

Layman’s Guide to ResolutionImage requirements might be a boring stuff but very significant into achieving high-quality photos. Here’s our layman’s guide to resolution, sizing and formats… yawn ­ I mean yay!So you’ve got a theme for your room and have found your perfect image. You’re super pumped about it, only to find that there’s a whole […]

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Canvas Gallery Wall – A How To Guide

Canvas Gallery Wall – A How To GuideCreating a canvas gallery wall can be tricky but there are tips for artwork choices, sizes, shapes and layout!You’ve seen canvas gallery wall take over Pinterest, and now you want one for yourself. No, I’m not talking about a super epic cinema room (although that would be cool!) ­ I’m […]

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Hanging Art: The What, Where and How

Hanging Art: The What, Where and HowHanging art that you love could be tricky most of the time as you find ways where to hang it perfectly. But let’s take your worries away as we show you how to find the best spot, and get the sucker on the wall!When choosing art to print you may have […]

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6 Colour Reproduction Basics – RGB, CMYK …WTF?

Colour Reproduction Basics – RGB, CMYK …….WTF?Ahh colour reproduction; the bane of every designer/photographer/printer’s existence. Although we regularly receive comments about how accurate our colours are, a 100% match to what you see on your screen is influenced by lots of factors, so let’s cover colour reproduction basics.But, fear not my friend!  Read on because […]

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